Below are answers to questions that we find are asked of our members fairly frequently and also setting straight some rumours we have heard on the grapevine about our club.

If you have a question that is not answered below or elsewhere on our web page, please feel free to email us at

We will do our best to answer it for you, and remember, the only silly question is one that isn’t asked.

Q1: I haven’t heard of the Rum City Offroaders before, how long have you been around Bundaberg?

A: The Rum City Offroaders Inc. was formed back in 2007 by a small group of families. The club has evolved since then to where it is today and we now have a good group of members of all ages and experience. We have been quietly going on 4wd trips around the Bundaberg district and further afield since inception and continue to do so on a regular basis.

Q2: Are the Rum City Offroaders just another ‘Facebook Group‘ club ?

A: No, we are not just a Facebook group. Although we do have a Facebook and social media presence, the Rum City Offroaders are proud to be an affiliated Club with 4wd Queensland. Yes this does involve a membership fee, but being an associated club with 4wd Qld gives our members many benefits. Insurance cover on club trips,  access to nationally accredited training at discounted prices, access to restricted areas for 4wding, access to special events run by 4wd Qld, contact with over 50 other clubs in Queensland and more Australia wide.

Q3: Don’t 4wd Clubs like yours have heaps of rules and regulations that have to be followed?

A: Some clubs have many rules that are often over the top and detract from the enjoyment of 4wding. Yes we do have rules, but only enough to meet our club insurance requirements and to ensure the safety of all our members during trips and other activities. Part of the philosophy when the club was formed was to keep the rules and regulations to a minimum and to enjoy 4wding with the company of fellow club members and other 4wding enthusiasts. Have you visited other clubs and don’t like the all their rules and formalities?, come and join us.

Q4: Can I come along to see what your club is like?

A: Yep, you sure can, in fact we encourage it. We like you to attend at least one trip and one meeting with the club to check us out first, this will cost you nothing and there is no obligation to join.

Q5: Why should I join a 4wd Club like the Rum City Offroaders?

A: There a many reasons you should join the Rum City Offroaders. Friendship and good times with a group of people who share a similar interest of 4wding, a variety of regular planned trips and activities with the support of other 4wders, access to areas you may not know about or can’t get access to unless you are a member of our club, training and guidance from trained and experienced members, insurance coverage provided by member clubs affiliated with 4wd Qld, access to trips organised by 4wd Qld, access to nationally accredited driver training. All this with the bare minimum rules, regulations and formalities.

Q6: How do I join the Rum City Offroaders and how much does it cost?

A: We encourage you to attend at least one trip and one meeting with the club to check us out first, this will cost you nothing and there is no obligation to join. If you are keen to join up, simply fill out a membership form, which can be found here, and submit it to a committee member at the next meeting with your membership fee. Membership fees are $60 per year (pro rata to 1st July each year). More info can be found here.

Q7: Can I join with a standard 4wd with no modifications?

A: Absolutely, all our trips are rated so you can assess if it is suitable for your skill level or within the capabilities of your 4wd. As long as your vehicle has a rated recovery point at the front and rear along with some other basic equipment, you can join up. We have trips throughout the year that cater for all levels of skill and vehicle capabilities. More info can be found here.

Q8: Will I damage my 4wd if I go out on a trip with the Rum City Offroaders?

A: Due to the nature of 4wding, vehicle damage is always a possibility. But as a club, we try to minimise the chance of damage as much as possible. We do this by rating all our trips so you know in advance how difficult the tracks are likely to be. We providing training and guidance for our members so drivers have the skills and ability to assess if they are able to tackle certain terrain or obstacle and the know the best and safest way to do this. We also have a philosophy of not pushing drivers into tackling an obstacle if they are not willing to do so.

None of us want to damage our 4wds and driving a tricky section of track with no vehicle damage is part of the enjoyment and skill of 4wding.

Q9: What recovery and other equipment do i need?

A: Some basic recovery and safety gear is essential for 4wding in a safe and responsible manner. The absolute basic minimum requirements are a rated recovery point at the front and rear of your 4wd, a correctly rated snatch strap that suits your 4wd, 2 rated bow shackles and a dampener bag, a UHF, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Other items we highly recommend is a tyre pressure gauge, air compressor, long handle shovel and sturdy gloves. But most importantly you need to have your brain engaged and know (or be willing to learn) how to 4wd and perform recoveries safely. More info can be found here.

Q10: I am new to 4wding and I know very little, do you provide any training?

A: We sure do. On a basic level, we provide training and guidance throughout our regular 4wding trips. We have many trained and experienced 4wders in the club who are more than happy to assist you if you require it at any time during a trip.

From time to time, as new members join up, we conduct basic driver awareness training. This covers all the basics, the principles of 4wding, safety aspects of 4wding, pre trip checks, 4wding terminology, your vehicles 4wd system, basic equipment required, recovery points, tyre pressures, wheel placement, how to safely traverse different types of terrain and obstacles, hill stall starts, snatch strap selection and safe recovery etc.

We also have 2 driver trainers who are able to deliver nationally accredited training courses through 4wd Qld as a registered training organisation. More info on training can be found here.

Q11: What type of 4wd trips do the Rum City Offroaders do?

A: We try and include a variety of trips on the calendar including day trips, weekend camps, scenic drives, big adventures, driver training, 4wd Qld events and other exciting events like the annual Rum City Rumble. All our trips are rated so members can assess if it is suitable for their skill level or within the capabilities of their 4wd.

Some activities and locations we visit are only possible as a member of the Rum City Offroaders 4wd Club.

You can find our trip calendar here.

Q12: How do I find out what trips are coming up?

A: We have a trip calendar that can be found on our website here. We also list all our trips as events on the clubs Facebook page. We also email out the updated trip calendar to members after each monthly meeting. If you would like to know anything about an upcoming trip, please email the secretary at or contact us through the clubs Facebook page.

Q13: When and were do you meet?

A: Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month except for January, visitors and guests are always welcome. The meetings are a fairly casual affair and rarely go for any longer than an hour.

We meet at 24 Sims Road Bundaberg, in the hall out the back at 7:00pm.

Members and visitors usually head down to McDonalds after the meeting to have a coffee and catch up.

Q14: I have heard you guys just go ‘bush bashing’ and ‘only do really hard 4wding‘ and ‘don’t care about damaging your 4wd’s and wrecking the bush’ is this true?

A: NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is some misinformation that we have heard mentioned about our club.

We do not go out ‘bush bashing’, the club  follows the tread lightly guidelines, sticking to formed tracks, reducing tyre pressures to minimise track damage, staying off tracks after rain etc.  In the rare occasion you may see us driving on wet tracks, driving up creeks, removing trees to make new tracks, is when we are on private property and only when we have the express permission from the private property owner to do so. Yet we still do this in a way to minimise the impact to the environment.

We don’t only do really hard 4wding. Sure, some members do enjoy tacking the difficult tracks and exploring the limits of there 4wd and driving capabilities. But is this the only type of driving we do? Certainly not. We cater of all levels of experience and vehicle capabilities with a wide variety of rated trips throughout the year.

Due to the nature of 4wding, vehicle damage is always a possibility. But as a club we try to minimise the chance of vehicle damage as much as possible. None of us want to damage our 4wds and driving a tricky section of track with no vehicle damage is part of the enjoyment and skill of 4wding.

Have you heard anything else about the Rum City Offroaders that you would like to know if it is true or not? Send us an email or give us a call and will set the record straight.