A small group of members went out to Pine Creek to take part in Clean up Australia day.

We collected a lot of beer bottles and plastic drink bottles. Also quite a few plastic under body car parts and car door.
Everyone was disgusted in the amount that is out there. We only went through a small part of pine creek. So we know there is still heaps more rubbish there.

As 4wd’ers we are at places to enjoy, have fun not to make it look like the local rubbish dump. If everyone filled a bag ever time they went out to places, it would go a long way to improving things.

In saying that, the real problem is people that do not respect the environment and throw bottles out the window and destroy what they are there to enjoy.

Our next trip is on 29th March – Wongi SF Night Run
More details on the link http://rumcityoffroaders.com/event/wongi-sf-night-drive/?instance_id=292

Clean Up Australia Day 2019